A sustainable business

We offer a safe working environment and minimize the environmental impact of our own operations. For us, it is important to create a sustainable business that complies with our customers’ requirements for quality and workmanship.

Environment and quality

We comply with laws and requirements and work continuously to develop our processes. We want to ensure that we act responsibly throughout our value chain, and that the materials and components we procure meet relevant local and global regulations and standards.

Our goal is for our products and services to meet or exceed customer expectations. This means that we always prioritize high quality. You as a customer should always be able to associate Koy Coating with quality products, reliable delivery, very good technical support and a positive and business-oriented attitude.

Renovation and recycling

Thermal spraying not only prolongs the life of the products and reduces material and energy consumption, it also helps you use new and better technologies that make end-products more efficient and cheaper.

We are also convinced that thermal spraying can contribute to sustainable development. By gathering different manufacturing technologies locally, we create shorter lead times, more environmentally friendly processes and increased profitability for our customers.

With thermal spraying, we can also rebuild worn machine components such as bearing points, shafts, shaft journals, linings and other wear-prone parts. When you have worn components renovated, the result is usually better performance than when the component was new and usually at a fraction of the cost of new production.

Residual products from our production are in many cases recycled through separation as far as possible.

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

We work according to an integrated management system comprising: