Surface treatment

Thermal spraying is our specialty. It is the collective name for various methods where the surface of a workpiece is coated with a layer of metal, ceramic, carbide, composite or polymer. The starting material can be wire or powder which is heated and forced against the surface of the workpiece where it attaches through the high kinetic energy and heat. The method is used both in new production and in repair and maintenance.

There are many benefits to treating a surface with thermal spraying

Thermal spraying is used in several industrial sectors to extend the life of machines and plants. Thanks to our wide selection of coatings, our methods can be used in a wide range of applications.

The range of thermal spray applications is very large. Read more about what we can achieve in each separate process area. If you do not find your exact application, it is possible that we can still help you.

Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and wishes.

Thermal spraying offers unlimited possibilities. You can reduce material and energy consumption and take advantage of new and better solutions that make the end-product more efficient and cheaper.

Plasma spraying

In plasma spraying, a gas is fed through an arc between an electrode and a nozzle. When the gas is passed through the arc, extreme heat (up to 20,000 degrees) is generated, which leads to decomposition and expansion of the gas, whereby the gas reaches a plasma state.

Flame spraying

Flame spraying uses the heat from the combustion of a fuel gas, usually acetylene or propane with oxygen, to melt the coating material.

PTA Welding (Plasma Transferred Arc)

PTA stands for Plasma Transferred Arc and is a continuous welding process that is used in metallic coating of exposed areas to improve surface properties.

Koy Coating has been a leading player in thermal spraying since 1970.

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