Machining for maximum precision

At Koy Coating we are not only experts in thermal spray surface coating, but we have also built up a complete and advanced machine park for machining and finishing.

We are specialists in manufacturing in small and medium-sized series. Thanks to our dedicated employees and high-tech machinery, we can help you with your machining requirements in a very efficient way.

When it comes to machining in stainless steel and other tough materials, we have extensive expert knowledge. To maintain our leading position in the market, we make sure to constantly develop our business and our employees. Our competitiveness, now and in the future, is based on our employees’ competence, that our equipment has the highest standard and that we deliver the right quality at the right time.

Most products are CNC turned, but we also have access to traditional cam-controlled machines that are very cost-effective for slightly simpler parts.


With modern CNC lathes we can produce a very good surface finish, but there are many applications that have even more extensive requirements. We can achieve this with the help of grinding, lapping and polishing.

Koy Coating has extensive experience of grinding and we have built a whole department for cylindrical grinding, surface grinding, inner grinding, lapping and polishing.

We combine high technical competence in advanced processing with thermal spraying

A complete supplier of machining services